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Should Motorcycle Radio Podcast Return?

I decided to clean up and keep my Harley.  I had a couple of folks ask about the old motorcycle radio podcast so I share a little about it and why I am in a riding mood.  If you want to sponsor the re-launch here is a link to the gofundme account.  https://www.gofundme.com/relaunch-of-motorcycle-radio  It’s a short show.  With a song from Damon Foreman that I will use with permission that sums up my thoughts these days.

I created Motorcycle Radio podcast out of my love of the motorcycle community back in 2014.  I was unemployed at the time and it helped me talk about and to people I understand.  Motorcyclist appreciate life.  I didn’t care if you were into sport, endure, adventure, BMW’s, historical, American iron, quads, trikes are hybrids, I dig it.

One of my best friends and former assistant minister at my church called me to share that he was in class last weekend getting his motorcycle license at the nearby community college.  I was proud.  This week I decided not to sell my motorcycle and to reclaim my love of two wheels.  I spent several hours washing and detailing my rarely used motorcycle and it felt good.  It was therapeutic.  I ordered some new tires and new helmet and it felt good.  I think it will be pretty good this go around.  I’ve learned a lot about podcasting, entertaining and being informative.

I posted my good feelings on the Facebook and someone responded that they missed Motorcycle radio podcast.  I would gladly bring it back if it were sponsored.  It takes some time.  It takes some money.  I created a gofundme.com account for it.  If you agree and support it, show me some love.  If not, no problem.

You have dreams. You are talented. And you may be in a bucket of crabs pulling you down mentally and spiritually. I know because I just got out. It took me almost thirty years to realized I was blessed with everything I needed to prosper in this life but was missing a few key elements to make it. Is that you too? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. I know that I was missing something. I created things. I sold things. I have made money off of my art, services, and products but I didn’t realize that it was like I was holding a handful of sand.

If you do anything online, you need your own website. Your website will be a home and wiki of all that is yours. This website is an example of the many facets that are possible. I have elements of everything I have done on it. There are blog post, feeds to my podcasts, examples of my style, influences, services, thoughts, etc. And it is not limited to this. Yours is going to be and should be unique as you.

If you want to start a business these days or are business minded, you need your own real estate on the web. Having a website or blog is required if what you do or provide can be searchable on GOOGLE. Search engines, look for text not your pictures. You need to do more than just being on Facebook, IG, Snapchat, etc.

Facebook is great for finding your audience, communication and development but you need your own site. If you don’t you are just renting space from Mark Zuckerberg. He can change the terms of his free service at anytime and delete your page or go off on some grand pursuit, taking your data, phone numbers, pictures, bio, everything you post there anywhere he wants to.

Does your site have to be flashy and hard to maintain? No, it does not.  Today websites are almost synonymous with blogs but they are different.  In my opinion, websites are usually static. They are information hubs.  Blogging encourages community, reviews, comments, etc.  Blogging is time consuming but worth the trouble. It can be like journaling, a magazine or almost whatever you think about. If you find a niche, you can be the mayor of your own online town by providing information, insight, inspiration, direction, commentary, education, or a bunch of mess, but it is all your choice. Either way, people that like you and what you write will/can subscribe to your postings, which is kinda cool.


I am a fan of WordPress sites. I have a few. They are easily customizable and adaptable to almost anything you can need. If you don’t have the time to create one, I can help set you up. There are probably millions of templates that fit your needs. I can help you find the one for you. They are also customizable. So it can be unique like you. I can help write post for you to get you going.  The Black Man With A Gun website has been around since 1999.  I am just starting to benefit from it.  I have made decades of mistakes with it.  You can benefit from all that I have learned.


I’ve been podcasting since 2007. I am a big fan of podcasting because it can accentuate your blog and all that you do.  It can give you a voice online.  It can grow your reach.  I can help there too.  I can make it easy as you recording, and sending me the files.

I have seen and stay in the know about trends, techniques and new tech. Putting together a great show requires editing. Editing takes time. Time is money. Spend your valuable time promoting your podcast, not editing it. I make your show sound great. Depending on the level of editing you want, I can make you and your guest sound better by removing, audio glitches like mouth ticks, clicks, excessive ahhhs, breaths and things that make you sound unprofessional. If you prefer not to do it, consider my services.

I’m working with a couple of friends that (1) do graphics (logos, banners, etc) (2) code for websites (3) and I help with WordPress sites, provide podcast producing, editing, media training.


I love this stuff. Call or email me today to discuss what you want and how we can work together.

Most of our disappointments are internal.  What holds you and I back is often the negatives, fears, and baggage we carry.  Nobody is keeping you down but you.  Whatever someone said has already disappeared into the atmosphere like a vapor.  It’s your mind that holds it and replays it over and over again.  How far could you go if nothing or no one was holding you back?

It’s ok to need help, pride is not your friend.

We live in a world of skepticism, sarcasm, and ignorance.  It has always been this way but it just seems to me as if it is more pronounced today.  There is still much beauty in the world but we chose not to see it, display it, or share it. Instead we focus on the rude, and the lewd.  We doubt what is true.  We prefer the lie.  We make “alternative facts.”  We use humor to mock what’s good, innocent or nice to be around.  We lack the knowledge to appreciate what we have. 

And because everyone is doing it, it seems ok.  A skeptic is one who refuses to believe without direct personal experience. 

What could you achieve if you weren’t holding yourself back? How far could you go if you weren’t afraid of failure, looking stupid, or putting your talent out there?

All you need after that is courage.

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For passion will lead directly to your purpose.

It was snowing.  It was dark and I was preparing to go to a job I should be glad I have on a Sunday morning.  Of all the voices in the world, the loudest and most insidious is my inner voice.  I’ve been trying too hard and slowly stripped the joy right out of my life.  When you have failed as often as I have, and made numerous mistakes, it’s easy to be self-critical.  I know life is about discovery but I was still sad until I wrote this and got it out.

I forgot that everybody has to do their own growing no matter what I went through.  My opinions are not fact to anyone but me.  It doesn’t come with age either.  I have met and still meet idiots.  Most are happier than I am.  I have no right to change that or suggest they change their worldviews.

I also realize now that its ok if the person asking for money doesn’t realize their troubles isn’t the lack of money but a poverty mindset.  I realized that some people like working for others.  Some don’t like to work at all.  Some enjoy reality shows.  You can watch what you want. I am not going to say anything.  I realize that television programming that I don’t agree with is not programming me.  My mind is a computer.  Junk in equals junk out.  Some enjoy watching sports above all else.  I have other things.  Some enjoy getting wasted on drugs and alcohol.  Some enjoy having babies. I also realize that the man that wants to marry a stripper with four kids, and high debt has more problems than listening to me.  Some like to blame others for their misery.  Most are happy where they are in spite of what they say.  I am going to have to accept that.  Some like to eat and are prone to obesity.  I can’t change that.  Some think that they are god.  Some don’t believe in God.  Everything is a choice and I have to roll with it.

Life teaches you things.  It shows you what works and what doesn’t.  You would think that with all the things we have in common, that it would be easy to pass on information based on experiences but no one cares enough to change.  And most of the time, the person you are trying to help doesn’t want your “opinion.”

Today I realize the only person who cares what I think is me.  I’m better now than when I got up this morning.  Going to try to be more respectful and less critical.

The Serenity Prayer by  Reinhold Neibuhr hits home.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.

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