Will Lewis- Philosophy of Life [episode 2]

Will Lewis impressed me so much I changed the way this show was going to be produced.  He inspired me to look closer at the way of warriors that walk among us.  Men and women you may see at the gym or in the ring and never know what stands behind the mask.

Will Lewis trains at the Tactical Combat Academy, in PA.  He is an amateur fighter working toward going pro.  Some of the fighters are not there for fitness.  Some are fighting for survival.

In this conversation, Will explains that.  He breaks it down on the people and personalities that do this.  If you ever wonder what would make a person fight, he shares the mindset of some.  He explains the drive and the inner struggle.   We talk about how parents respond to finding out that their kids are fighting.

It’s more mental that physical.

one of the struggles is having faith in your abilities.

If you are arrogant you are not going to grow as a fighter.

In life, you can lie to yourself.

This sport is barebones.

Fighting my whole life.



I really enjoyed this conversation.  I hope you do too.  We will be following him this season of the podcast along with others.



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