Where Did the UFC and MMA Come From?

The Evolution of MMA

As a modern sport, the MMA has walked a long path until it finally got its current shape as a structured combat techniques sport with rules and restrictions. The origin of the therm MMA was first mentioned by press in an attempt to categorize what the UFC was doing with the first tournament of that kind of exotic and blended style of fight in USA. In 1993, the television critic Howard Rosenberg created the therm in 1993 when reviewing the UFC 1, the first professional tournament of the sport held by UFC.


We could call the origin of what we know as the MMA these days with the creating of UFC, though tournaments with this kind of professional and organized spirit were settled before in history. However, UFC is the first time the sport gets a formal, officially represent shape and from that on it just got more popular and respected.


The UFC means the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and its origins are strongly firmed on the Vale Tudo combat, especially because one of the creator of the UFC is the Brazillian  jiu jitsu fighter Rorion Gracie. The objective of the tournament was to settle the combat between many different styles of martial arts into one serious and well structured event.


Structuring the MMA

One of the most basic things UFC did to give shape to the MMA apart from the Vale Tudo style was the creation of weight based categories. This way, the combats would be for the first time taken into a more fair and professional, even Olympic we could say, way of performance. There is a strong consideration on the fighters behalf and integrity. The tournament is supposed to set a competition and they want it to be stable and recurrent. With the weight based categories, professional of the same capabilities can confront one each other.


The first UFC tournament was held in 1993 in Colorado. From that event on, other important feature of the sport took shape, the entertainment performance. The fighters are also considered performers and the matches are progressively coordinated. As the rules started to get shape as the UFC events took place in during the ’90s, the combats would have to be settled with some agreements between the fighters to keep the entertainment going on without serious losses for both fighters and the event.

In the early ’00s, for the first time the sport would have a set of official rules. The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board was the responsible for structuring a board of official rules that would later be the core of UFC contests. These rules are also today a basis for other events around the world to set MMA competitions in an organized and fair fashion.



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