What is the Appeal of the UFC and MMA?

On this weeks show of Warriorcast. I ask my son some rather obvious questions about MMA and the UFC to help folks that are not into it understand what is the appeal of the UFC and the MMA. It’s more than the modern gladiator thing. It’s more than a circus.

Check out his video about UFC 194 below. The audio will also be on the podcast.

When I was a kid in the 70’s, and Bruce Lee came on the scene “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting.” The martial arts back then was predominantly Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Chinese Gung Fu if you could find it.

After my son was born and we got through the “purple dinosaur” stage, the Power Rangers inspired him to flip around the house and try front kicks, spinning back kicks, and crescent kicks like a ninja.

In all honesty his parents, (us) weren’t too cool with him desiring to get into a ring with some tattooed dude, trying not to get his ears califlowered, his head crushed or a limb mangled. You know what I mean? We are parents. We love our baby boy. He is too pretty, too smart, too gifted to be in what Senator John McCain once called “Human Cockfighting.” I like McCain even less now after I learned about that. And there are those that say that the UFC really means “unfit for children.” I don’t agree.  We all fear what we don’t understand.

My son is helping me understand.

Here’s his take on UFC fight 194