What is MMA?

But Mom..

You walk into a room and hear your mother trying to explain to your aunt what and why you love martial arts and it makes you scratch your head.  What would you tell her to help.  Here’s some background.

The Mixed Martial Arts, also known as MMA, is a blend of different kinds of Martial Arts developed especially from the Vale-Tudo style of combat in Brazil. Though they might often be mistaken, they are two different things, as MMA is a more organized, well structured kind of combat and is not as much a full contact sport as Vale Tudo. It includes much more rules and fair play, as well as its orientation for entertainment is taken more seriously within a sportive praising series of tournaments and contests that all have a specific rules, different from the Vale Tudo objective to simply defeat the opponent by knockout.



The MMA techniques mix a wide range of combat styles: boxing, savate, Muay thai, Tae kwon do, brazillian Jiu-jitsu, Capoeira, wrestling, and much, much more. The result is a kind of combat both with stand up hand-to-hand fight and on the floor combat, and the array of strike techniques is quite wide, from wrists, hand and elbows strikes to feet and knees techniques. Also, the combats involve a series of immobilization techniques originated from professional wrestling and karate.



One of the most basic standards on this kind of combat is the use of open-fingered gloves, so the the fights are structured in more strategical ways and involve more professionalism as well as resilience when it comes to hand-to-hand confrontation, avoiding long fights and promoting fair play.

However, the rest of rules will always depend on which competition, tournament and country is setting the match. For example, Japan structured MMA doesn’t allow elbow strikes to the head. The time of the match also may vary from contest to contest.



The victory in MMA is not always determined by knockout at all. Since it has more rules, the judge can decide after a certain amount of time considering the effectiveness of attacks and the effectiveness of defense strategies. Often when the last ones are not intelligently performed, that will count in favor to the opponent attacking.

Other kinds of situation can lead to victory, as technical submission, (when the fighter is in a submission hold where he can get injured if it keeps going on), Doctor stoppage (the ring doctor will decide whether the fighter is too much injured to keep going on or not), Corner stoppage (is the hand throwing performed by a corner’s man when the fighter is being seriously beaten to the point he cannot backlash) and some other situation where the contest goes out of the rules or the physical confrontation is little.



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