What Donald Trump Said

Donald Trump has successfully got folks talking about what he says for several weeks now. In marketing terms he is indeed “The Don.” I can’t confirm his wealth or core beliefs but he has accomplished one thing in a short time. Donald TrumpHe has exposed us to the hypocrisy of our time. Everything he has been quoted as saying publicly, I have heard other people say privately.

Politics is just show business for ugly people.

He has quieted politicians in his wake because they don’t know if they should respond or follow his lead. That is sad actually. Many of our “so-called” leaders aren’t sure if attacking Trump would help or hurt their candidacy. Either way they are following and not leading, talking but not saying anything.

We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate

Trump has reminded us of the “isms” in America. They didn’t go away some of us  just forgot they were there. People that think a certain way are coming out and waving their flags if they can. Now you will find out what your neighbor thinks about you and the nation whether you know it or not. This is showing the older people that we haven’t “changed” at all. We haven’t reached the Promised Land. It is embolden the young people that think they know it all and what they don’t know they can Google. Politics, the government, and authority (and your view) is respected less now, than ever. We expect lies. We expect cover-ups, and scandals. We don’t respect people for telling how they feel or what they believe unless it is politically correct. Political correctness is like saying “nice doggy” while you are reaching for a stick to whack it with.

And yet some are puzzled why Donald Trumps poll numbers are so high. This is 2015. We celebrate fails, (funniest home videos, the biggest losers) and give awards to degenerates, and media whores. Today, the prom queen is hired even after her sex tape is found. The worse thing then is to be forgotten is a death knoll.

I met Donald Trump in April 2014 at a pro-rights rally in Albany, NY where we spoke against the NY SAFE Act. It was the first time I had the chance to speak with him. People were waving the Trump for President placards then and he was downplaying it. If a crowd that large were doing that to me, I would be flattered. It had to boost his ego and spark the thought that for the man that can buy just about anything this was a good time to have fun with less than it would cost personally with the political system and get some media credits. We have made politics good business. So we are getting the business.

The people have lost faith in Janus, the two headed political god known as the Democrat, or Republican, liberal or conservative, the Left or the Right. What Donald Trump says is not important. How we as a community respond is.

When two elephants fight, it is the grass the suffers. – old African proverb


Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a professional speaker, writer, podcaster, and digital influencer. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook He is the force behind BlackManWithAGun.com, founder of Blanchard.Media and the SpeaklifeChurch.net