WarriorCast goes to a Gym

Dressed like Sesame Streets’ Elmo I got a chance to talk to “Rome” at DCBFit gym near Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.



KenJr had trained there and peaked the interest of “pops” of why in the world would a young good looking smart college grad want to get hit in the face repeatedly. Basically, its not the fighting, its the art. Its the conditioning, the fitness, its Bushido. It might sound a little odd but some people are warriors, dragon slayers, and lion chasers. I am glad. I learned a little more about my son as a man this week, with the podcast and the interview with the guy that trained him for a few weeks.

Rome gives some highlights of his philosophy of this fitness and fight gym located near the Nationals stadium, behind the Navy Yard Metro in Southeast, Washington, DC. Look for DCBFit and a Warriorcast partnership in the future.

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