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Episode 4 – Why Do You Ride?

I asked myself this question over the weekend and still thinking of all the reasons. Why do you like motorcycling? Rolling Thunder 2014 I rode down to Washington, DC Saturday morning to see some of the folks that came into the city to be a part Rolling Thunder weekend. The big event on Saturday was […]

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Need Your Help On A Design Choice

I have three designs for a black T-shirt. Help me choose which one you think is best.     DESIGN 1     DESIGN 2     DESIGN 3    

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I Lost My Gloves

Ok, maybe I didn’t lose my gloves but I did misplace them. It made me think it would be a good idea to update my riding gear this season. I saw these online and like them. You have any experience with Alpinestars brand? What would you recommend for the summer season?

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Thomas Smith -Encouraging Words Podcast

This week on Encouraging Words Podcast you’ll be a part of a conversation with a former NFL Football cornerback, Thomas Smith and I. Thomas Smith’s path to success began on the football field. As a walk-on, he competed against top recruits and earned a scholarship at the University of North Carolina, where he earned a […]

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