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Oyster Shucking Podcast

Oyster Shucking Services Gardner Douglas, a.k.a., the Oyster Ninja, was born and raised on the Virginia Eastern Shore in the rural town of Withams, VA.  The married US Army veteran is a devoted family man.   He is also a champion oyster shucker.  The art of oyster shucking is lost on most until you decide […]


A rising tide lifts all boats.

A friend of mine that is a successful podcaster has a network of shows.  He motivated me to try to do the same thing.  I didn’t have the same success but I learned from it so it wasn’t a failure.  In this funky culture we live in, people get paid indirectly today for their work.  […]


Send Me Someone To Love

Love. We take it for granted sometimes.  Days like Valentines Day remind us about the people in our lives. I was talking to an artist about a painting she is selling and I asked her what does it mean and her words were as fluid as the typography of her painting. Love is the one thing […]


Podcast Editing and Producing

Podcasting is growing like a weed on the internet. Many are discovering that producing quality, consistent and entertaining audio can support a community. Having a brand evangelist is better than a paid employee. A great podcast is good for bloggers, businesses and just about anyone wanting to make an impact. A good show is easy […]