Three things you need to know about losing weight that you wish somebody had told you about before

Episode 7 of the Kenn Blanchard Show


In this episode, I got really comfortable and couldn’t wait to talk to you.  You are my friend.  Thank you listening to this show.  Feel free to share it and tell people about it.  A few weeks ago, I talked about fatherhood.  I got a question ( a very personal one that I will answer soon).  Expect that call.  We also launched our own members shirts.  I received enough to make the order at


If you are new to the show, I gave a run down of my past and where I plan to go.  This week, lets’ talk about fitness and not being obese.  Charlie Levine of is a guest.  Also, I mention my friend Terrance Jackson from

“Life has so many chapters,  one bad chapter doesn’t make it the end of the world.”

Do you want to lose a few pounds?  Have you looked in the mirror lately and thought what the hell?

How to lose weight is really not a secret. If you want to lose weight and be healthy it just has to be more important to you than a passing thought.  You have to really want to change.  We make decisions all the time.  We do what we do  because of choice.  There is  no magic pill,  no special wrap, no special shake, elixir or snake oil to losing weight.  It all starts inside your head.  The following tips came from a collection of  fitness friends.

Diet is a four letter word.  I never liked it because it starts off with “die.”  Diet always seems like a negative.  Don’t let it be.

Here are the three keys to losing weight

  1. Intake – You can lose weight today just start eating less calories than you eat yesterday. Watch what you put in your body .
  2. Interval -time, eating, resting, working out.
  3. Increase your activity.


Tips and Stuff I learned.

There is no real way to spot reduce. All of us hold on to fat in different ways.  You store fat in different places.  Extreme athletes like the CrossFit folks, marathoners, and Iron Men/women are skinny all over because they burn fat and muscle.  I learned that a women’s breast is mostly fat so the athletic ones have smaller bust.

If you stop exercising your muscles won’t turn to fat.  Your fat just goes back to where it used to be stored.

Did you know you can lose five pounds by just stop drinking soda?

Did you know that fruit juices are not good for you they can contain as much sugar as a soda you stop drinking?


Eat fresh vegetables vs canned anything. All preservative are bad. Our friends say this because canned food has sodium and a bunch of chemicals. Anything inside a bottle, can, or box that you can’t pronounce or see in nature naturally doesn’t belong inside your body.

Eat protein at every meal.

Your snacks should be nutritious.

The health conscious say we should eat 6 meals a day– really small ones. And we should drink 8-12 glasses of water.


On Intervals

If you are like me, you’ll probably have to change your eating schedule. We should flip the size of our meals. The big meal should be in the morning. Our medium sized meal should be at lunch and we should eat a small meal at night.

Somebody said

that time and tide wait for no man

 Time is our most valuable commodity. We waste a lot of it. You need to start making some time to burn some calories.

Live and lose weight.

If you can eat regularly make it happen. Try to get a schedule. It will help get your body in check.  Special thanks to Mr.  Everett Robinson of
We Build Champions for all the great insight used in todays’ podcast.  He has a store of goodies you might want to check out.


Our featured guest is Charlie Levine from Levine


I hope you will join me in my quest to get healthier. I can’t stress enough how grateful to call you a  friend.

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