The Comedy of Ambrose Jones

Comedian Ambrose Jones III

I met this guy while celebrating one of our wedding anniversaries in Virginia Beach and have loved him ever since. His comedy doesn’t have to be “blue” to be good but he throws some stuff in at the end of his sentences that parents should know in advance.  He does “cuss”.

explicit warning
Ambrose made his first national TV appearance this year on the Last Comic Standing show. He didn’t win but you know he was good as they used his clip in the advertisements for the show and the series this year.

He is like a cousin that makes you laugh when you need it most. I think he is a great guy and just wanted to share with you that he has a new iTunes album out that samples some of his stuff. Some of these online venues make you chop up your audio for some odd reason and the result is not that of the flow of a live show. Here’s my friend.

Comedian Ambrose Jones – first iTunes album

ambrose jones


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