Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat game or sport that involves the use of striking or hitting of the opponent and grappling techniques. Mixed martial arts gets inspiration from different types of martial art practices and traditions. The sport involves the combat fighters getting in contact and engaged while on the ground or standing upright. It all began with mixed styles fighting contests that took place in Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim in the early 1900. MMA has grown to become an appealing sport, and very popular and is even being taught by a number of martial art schools in America and all over the world.

Today, modern mixed martial arts are a sport that has come with a combination of techniques. Mixed martial arts comprise of boxing where there is use of hands alone as well as kick boxing, wrestling which originated from the Romans, grapping from Brazil and Judo. Modern MMA is differentiated from the ancient because it has rules as compared to the ancient where it lacked athletic rules but now there are a combination of a wide range of techniques where rules comes from. The combination of the wide range of techniques which are showcased in the sport has brought so much appeal and interest to the fans of the sport all over the world as compared to how it was done in the ancient days.

This type of martial arts became to be a Mixed Martial Arts when the fighters began to mold themselves into a well-rounded, balanced fighter that could fight standing or on the floor. It did not take long before the sportsmen realized that to be competitive they needed to train in extra disciplines. The development of the MMA has led to the establishment of a highly rated effective form of martial arts that is being viewed not only as a competitive sport but also an art which can be used in real-life situations for self-protection and security all over the world. This reason has made it an appealing art that entails unarmed combat.

In 1993 MMA was named as an incredible and competitive sport on Television watched by many residents worldwide. Today, there are many academies in New York and other towns offering trainings to become fit and professionals in fighting machines. MMA has an enormous expansion with an increased number of fans and followers not forgetting spectators. It has emerged as the fast growing sport in the world and has positive examples of development of the game everywhere around the globe. The sport has become very popular on TV with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) being the largest professional promoter being broadcasted in more than 150 countries in 22 different national languages around the globe.

The MMA as a sport has been liked a lot due to its tremendous popularity and its recreational nature. Just as the number of young athletes increases so do the number of recreational practitioners around the globe. This sport has been found to offer excellent form of exercise and hence embraced by many people making its target group to be very wide. The disadvantaged youth have been able to find an important role to do in urban areas, the Mixed Martial Arts has brought discipline and positive impact in the lives of idle youth who have developed talent in the sport and earning a living just like other accessible sports such as football and boxing have propelled many youths.

Mixed Martial Arts regardless of what you think about it has improved and grown since it started. It is recognized around the world, even in New York City. Greater effort has been put in place to make the art even more widespread and unique art among every gender and age, something that makes it appealing around the world.

Watching my son’s passion about it brought me into this fascinating world where I am drawn to learn from the people “behind the scenes and inside the ring.”

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