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Secret of Success

If success were easy everybody would be having it. As I looked at the fight game from guy on the outside I realized why some really good people aren’t getting the deals that a select few have. You’re in the gym not on Facebook. I get it. You got your jab down pat. Your sweep […]


That’s Life

A couple of years ago, I lost my job.  No big deal, right?  Well it is for my generation. It is to me. It is for a man with family and obligations.  It is for a guy that had accidentally connected his worth to his profession.  I have a job now. It’s not where I was […]


Week Two Update

It’s the end of the second week since the launch of this dream and you are making me feel confident that it is going to happen. We’ve had an additional four supporters come onboard since this video and a few I recognize as people that don’t hunt, fish or shoot. That was a validation that […]

Guest Appearance on Big Dawg Music Radio

I was blessed to be a guest on Big Dawg Music Radio last Saturday. Check it out here: