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On Fighting

Every man has a struggle to fight. There is a dragon to slay in every mans life. As boys we know this but society tries to subdue it. When it succeeds we no longer have the will to handle difficulty. Life is a fight to death. Only the strong survive. I’ve learned a lot from […]

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Shotgun vs Rifle Approach

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky I created the Blanchard Media Group to be the spot online where all of my links and information about all my blogs and podcast I produce can be found. Up until now my business model was to throw everything on the wall and see what […]

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Warrior Cast the Podcast

My son and I have completed thirteen episodes since the initial launch of the WarriorCast podcast and I am pleased with the results. Ken Jr. (his new stage name) is funny and I like hearing him do his thing. I love podcasting and some of the benefits of producing your own internet audio show is […]

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Warrior Cast Video 1

I am the host of a podcast called WarriorCast. It’s like nobody can find it. I had a hard time finding my own show. It’s way down on the list. if you are in mixed martial arts, video gaming, pop culture and The Walking Dead, find us on iTunes. Here’s the link.

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