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On Fighting

Every man has a struggle to fight. There is a dragon to slay in every mans life. As boys we know this but society tries to subdue it. When it succeeds we no longer have the will to handle difficulty. Life is a fight to death. Only the strong survive. I’ve learned a lot from […]

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Podcast 35 – Hard Times

Conversation with Max about the UFC, MMA and upcoming fight card. Kenn gives a recap of the Season Finale and tells when the next episode may arrive. “The Last Day on Earth” was the show. Last Day on Earth Season finale Who do you think got smashed? Thanks for listening to the show. Ray Charles […]

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What is the Appeal of the UFC and MMA?

On this weeks show of Warriorcast. I ask my son some rather obvious questions about MMA and the UFC to help folks that are not into it understand what is the appeal of the UFC and the MMA. It’s more than the modern gladiator thing. It’s more than a circus. Check out his video about […]

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New Season of WarriorCast

I am really excited about this reboot of my sons podcast, WarriorCast. On this episode I explain what the new show is about, we changed the album art and the intro and outro music.  I started the numbering over again instead of continuing with number 48.  The original show was created to help Ken Jr.  gain […]

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