Motorcycle helmet

When is the last time you thought about helmets? It’s riding season again for me. I’ve dusted and detailed my old 2005 motorcycle and bought new tires. Riding has been therapeutic. I scanned the shops for a new helmet and was surprised as the diversity and selection. There are even more online. And some of them look awesome but I

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Ride For Awareness

Motorcycle Radio Podcast 49 This week I got a chance to talk to experienced motorcycle rider Nate Hudson will be riding across the country to visit the DMV at all 50 state capitols to hand-deliver a proposal on behalf of Allstate with a request that a question highlighting the importance of sharing the road with motorcycle riders be included in

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Investment Opportunity for Maryland-based "Guntry" Club  Maryland Firearms Training Academy initiates private placement and seeks investment from accredited investors.   Beltsville, Md. (February 2015) - Maryland Firearms Training Academy has announced the commencement of an offering (the "Offering") to raise capital for the purpose of opening the Maryland Firearms Training Academy ("MDFTA"). The Offering is open only to "accredited investors" as

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Are you wearing crappy boots?

Motorcycle Podcast 40 Conversation with trucker, biker and patriot Ken Colburn. His Facebook page.   Motorcycle Boots Some people, (but not my wife) don’t pay much attention to foot wear. The boots you wear or don’t wear when you ride tell a lot about you. 1. Did you know that a good set of boots often provide reinforcement at the

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