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Oyster Shucking Podcast

Oyster Shucking Services Gardner Douglas, a.k.a., the Oyster Ninja, was born and raised on the Virginia Eastern Shore in the rural town of Withams, VA.  The married US Army veteran is a devoted family man.   He is also a champion oyster shucker.  The art of oyster shucking is lost on most until you decide […]


A rising tide lifts all boats.

A friend of mine that is a successful podcaster has a network of shows.  He motivated me to try to do the same thing.  I didn’t have the same success but I learned from it so it wasn’t a failure.  In this funky culture we live in, people get paid indirectly today for their work.  […]


When Shiitake Happens

Sometimes everything you tried flops. Every now and then you wonder why you ever attempted what didn’t come to pass.  It is those days that you must realize, understand and accept Shiitake mushrooms happens.  Failure isn’t final. I had one of those weeks in January. Well maybe it was several.  I was down but not […]


There are a million stories in the naked city

That was a cool phrase spoken and the beginning and ending of a TV show from the 50’s. it was before my time but I am going to use it in a new podcast I am creating for a weekly show about the past and present of the town of Upper Marlboro and vicinity. Is […]