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Kenn Blanchard Show : Load The Jump Program

“You got to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt and disbelief.” Free Your Mind. I realized this week after prayer and confirmation that I needed to go back to what I was called to do. There is so much anxiety, anger, chaos and frustration that it is hard for me to want to just […]

Kenn Blanchard Show

Security Guards And The importance of Appearance

You’ve seen them. If you have to work with them it’s embarrassing. It’s the security guard that is inattentive. They spend more time on the phone (cell phones included) than observing what’s around them. It’s the security guard that looks like their uniform is 3 sizes too large or too tight. It’s the one whose […]

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What is the Appeal of the UFC and MMA?

On this weeks show of Warriorcast. I ask my son some rather obvious questions about MMA and the UFC to help folks that are not into it understand what is the appeal of the UFC and the MMA. It’s more than the modern gladiator thing. It’s more than a circus. Check out his video about […]

Kenn Blanchard Show

Man Up 2016

Men these days go through a lot.  We hide a lot of our pain.  We are frustrated. There are a lot of good men suffering in silence.  Others camouflage it. And some not so much. A new friend of mine shared some insight today on his life that struck a chord with me. Join me […]