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2018 GoldWing Motorcycle

It’s getting colder now in the mid-Atlantic of the United States. For most motorcyclist it’s a time to prepare your bike for storage. For me, it’s the annual time when I contemplate selling my bike and hanging up my riding days. This year is a little different. I am thinking of making a big purchase […]

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What Is Holding You Back?

Kenn Blanchard Show Podcast #3 This week you’ll hear my new intro and outro.   I introduce a new feature where I allow you to call in to 301-828-1414 or any audio recording device you have and send it to me to share what you do, promote your podcast or blog and then allow me to […]

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Ride For Awareness

Motorcycle Radio Podcast 49 This week I got a chance to talk to experienced motorcycle rider Nate Hudson will be riding across the country to visit the DMV at all 50 state capitols to hand-deliver a proposal on behalf of Allstate with a request that a question highlighting the importance of sharing the road with […]

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As the US Marine recruiters were driving me away from home at the age of eighteen my mother was hysterically trying to convince them to bring me back. I heard her scream, “but he has allergies!” I hoped they didn’t hear that. Yes, the boy that was allergic to everything grew up into a man […]

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