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Conversation with Tyrone Sherrod of [podcast 78]

On this podcast episode of the Kenn Blanchard Show, I share a conversation and introduce to some a man making a difference in the Baltimore, MD area named Tyrone Sherrod. Mr. Sherrod is the founder of, a business that helps kids and people in need in the inner city.     He is a […]

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Erin Jimenez on Training to Fight

I asked a simple question. Why do you fight? Why do you train to do so? The person I asked is called affectionately Dr. Doom. This woman is phenomenal.   For me the meaning of training and fighting has changed and grown deeper to me over the years. In the beginning of my training, I […]


About a Town

Did you know that Upper Marlboro was established in 1706 as “Marlborough Town”? It is named after John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough. The area was first settled around 1695. This town is old. While this area was getting selttled Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire and gold was discovered in Brazil. The […]


Have You Attended A Modern Church Lately?

I have been the senior pastor of a church.  I have seen the struggles of maintaining and worshipping the Almighty God in this time period.  I have been challenged, broken and downhearted.  Today I saw someone who got it right. I am not saying his church service was perfect because if it was it was […]