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Five things you need to know to write a successful book

If you want to write a book or have one already that isn’t selling let me give you some insight. If you are doing it to make money then I have some sage advice from Thomas Edison. This week I received a proof of two books I published through Amazon’s CreateSpace program. I am excited […]

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Do You Want To Get Started Online?

Here are a few of my recommendations for the wordpress site and choosing a domain name. Ten Step Program to Starting a WordPress Site. 1. Choose an url for your site (about that name- see below) 2. Purchase url ( your domain name) and webhosting for (wordpress) 3. Choose a WP theme (there are thousands […]

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Monetize Your Podcast

There are many podcasters that are trying to monetize their content. Many podcasters have heard of John Lee Dumas. Or maybe they have heard of great podcast teachers like Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting. Or even the award winning Daniel J. Lewis and thought I could do that. That is not a bad […]

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Can You Make Money Podcasting in 2016?

You can make money podcasting.  I want to caution you though and give you some background before you jump into the pool. This post will share some things I have learned over the past seven years. I want you to win. I absolutely love podcasting. At one time I had four podcast.  Now I just […]

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