Like an Israeli Operative

A lot of warriors and law enforcement personnel have started to take note and follow the lead of Israeli methods of dealing with terrorist.  You can take courses from the pros here from my friends at Israeli Tactical. Here's one for beginners and gives you a sample of the learning experience. Israeli Tactical School is based in Maryland but is

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Investment Opportunity for Maryland-based "Guntry" Club  Maryland Firearms Training Academy initiates private placement and seeks investment from accredited investors.   Beltsville, Md. (February 2015) - Maryland Firearms Training Academy has announced the commencement of an offering (the "Offering") to raise capital for the purpose of opening the Maryland Firearms Training Academy ("MDFTA"). The Offering is open only to "accredited investors" as

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20 – A September To Remember This week on the 20th episode of Motorcycle Radio: Remembering 9/11, katrina, America before and after, 2 Million Bikers to DC, news, Saving money, Webinar coming. We have a new ebook, and I answer the the S.m.a.r.t.e.r. question. News Saving money [caption id="attachment_11919" align="alignleft" width="300"] Who else wants a motorcycle? ebook by Kenn

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Ride to Sponsored Gun Ranges in South Jersey

2nd Annual #motorcycle Gun Run Saturday, September 27 for a #poker run unlike any other! Here's how it works. Meet us at Banger's Sport Shop at 9:00am for registration, ride our 60+ mile ride to different GUN #ranges in South Jersey. Get the chance to shoot CROSSBOWS, PISTOLS, RIFLES, AND SHOTGUNS!! Hit the target, get a card. Best five card

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