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2018 GoldWing Motorcycle

It’s getting colder now in the mid-Atlantic of the United States. For most motorcyclist it’s a time to prepare your bike for storage. For me, it’s the annual time when I contemplate selling my bike and hanging up my riding days. This year is a little different. I am thinking of making a big purchase […]

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36- Dear Santa

Motorcycle Podcast 36 On this episode, ride with me and Josh as I test ride a 2015 bike. Interview with Greg Nutsch and “Someday at Christmas.” I got the opportunity to speak to Greg Nutsch a cool dad from Nebraska. Check out our interview on the show and this video. He has more on YouTube. […]

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Biker Culture Explained

We ride for many reasons, the freedom, the camaraderie, the exhilaration…and many more. When you start riding you quickly realize two things. One you are in a Brotherhood of like-minded people though you may not know them by name. How many times have you waved at a fellow biker while riding? Secondly the non-#bikers or […]

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