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Five things you need to know to write a successful book

If you want to write a book or have one already that isn’t selling let me give you some insight. If you are doing it to make money then I have some sage advice from Thomas Edison. This week I received a proof of two books I published through Amazon’s CreateSpace program. I am excited […]


Scary movies

  Movies have changed since I was a kid.  The monsters have become more lifelike and animation makes them look real.  Things have become more gory too.  I am still not a fan of gore but it has its place.  What are some of your favorite monsters? Some time before the next full moon on […]


New Book Coming

A few years ago this time, I created a skit on the Urban Shooter Podcast (now the Black Man With A Gun Show)  that proposed what I would do if zombies attacked while I was cooking my hamburgers in the backyard. It was fun to do ad it sparked the creative juices of one of […]