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A New Podcast Coming Soon

On October 1, 2017 I was divinely inspired to start a new podcast. That thought was immediately looked at with doubt. I had started several “Christian” based podcasts before. Each time, I did it, something miraculous happened. Even with that I couldn’t starve the doubts. I couldn’t maintain my motivation. I thought that each one […]

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You are Worth More Than A Penny

Podcast Episode 70 Fresh as day old bread, back from and have a few thoughts to share about what I realized while I was among some great people.  Don’t quit.  We are put on this planet to help others.  Even when you don’t know what your mission, passion or purpose is help someone in […]

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Nobody has it all together

If you have ever thought or said, I’ll start going to “church” after I get my life together- please understand that you never will. Life is just life. The same stuff you have in your head at 13 is the same stuff you have at 53. If you are blessed you get older. The people […]

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How To Pray [Podcast 67 ]

I know it sounds audacious and egotistical for me to post something that tells others how to pray but if you have ever wondered about this, believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and follow me as a minister of the Gospel, read on. Prayer is communication with God. Communication is a two way street. […]

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