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Missing My Podcast Puppy

It was about twelve years ago when I adopted a malnourished runt of a Doberman puppy and brought her home from the animal shelter. After a couple of years in a new house I got the green light from my wife to get a dog. I wanted a Doberman. The animal shelter had a process […]

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Dogs and a Bus Stop [ podcast 3]

Happy New Year. I started off with nothing in 2016, and I still have most of it left. This is the first podcast episode of the year but I hope that now that I have some idea of what I want to accomplish with this project it comes to fruition. I am here to share […]

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For A Limited Time Only

The past seven days have been challenging for me.  I haven’t seen the changes I wanted, when I wanted them.  You know the feeling.  It’s the feeling that you are stuck.  I hate that feeling.  Don’t you? Well, I am working on some encouragement for you and for a “Limited Time Only” you can get […]

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