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Superbelt for Gun Carriers

When is the last time you paid attention to your belt or the belt used to hold up your pants and your gun? One of the reasons you might hate your job is that you’re miserable physically all day. Not only is it that your feet hurt and your ballistic vest gets heavy but you’re […]

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Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network

I have been involved in fighting for the rights of gun owners since 1991. I have met and been trained by some of the most capable and knowledgeable firearms instuctors in the country. A few of them got together and saw that gun owners needed more than just time on the range. We needed an […]

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Guns and Motorcycles

After many years of podcasting and blogging about #guns, as the Black Man With A Gun, it is only fitting that I include this element of my life here.  On this episode of the podcast I got the opportunity to talk to a long time friend that is opening a new service business in Virginia […]

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