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Solomon Love

Where The Moss Grows

– Solomon Love First Edition

Solomon Love is a small time blues guitarist in Memphis who stumbles onto a murder. A murder committed by a cop. Now, Solomon and the cop are hunting each other through streets of Memphis. The cop has not only the police’s resources, but criminal allies as well. Solomon has a few friends, and the fact he’s a centuries-old werewolf on his side.

Where The Moss Grows cover
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On the cover of this first edition I even have myself on the cover as the lead character. If there is a movie, I am playing it. I got first dibs…

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of reading the work of a talented friend Derek Ward who wrote ongoing pieces for a story called Zombie Strike. I had this idea and Derek put my loves of blues music, a cop thriller and a Halloween theme together like a chef fixes dinner. I wanted to try my hand at producing and distributing an audiobook.

The title was originally going to be from a classic blues song but time and culture has changed the meaning of the first title I planned to use so Derek asked me to write lyrics for the new blues song to be put into the story. No problem, right? Well, I faked it. And at the end, I actually tried to sing it, and make it real. Let me know what you think.


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Kenn Blanchard

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