Should Motorcycle Radio Podcast Return?

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I decided to clean up and keep my Harley.  I had a couple of folks ask about the old motorcycle radio podcast so I share a little about it and why I am in a riding mood.  If you want to sponsor the re-launch here is a link to the gofundme account.  It’s a short show.  With a song from Damon Foreman that I will use with permission that sums up my thoughts these days.

I created Motorcycle Radio podcast out of my love of the motorcycle community back in 2014.  I was unemployed at the time and it helped me talk about and to people I understand.  Motorcyclist appreciate life.  I didn’t care if you were into sport, endure, adventure, BMW’s, historical, American iron, quads, trikes are hybrids, I dig it.

One of my best friends and former assistant minister at my church called me to share that he was in class last weekend getting his motorcycle license at the nearby community college.  I was proud.  This week I decided not to sell my motorcycle and to reclaim my love of two wheels.  I spent several hours washing and detailing my rarely used motorcycle and it felt good.  It was therapeutic.  I ordered some new tires and new helmet and it felt good.  I think it will be pretty good this go around.  I’ve learned a lot about podcasting, entertaining and being informative.

I posted my good feelings on the Facebook and someone responded that they missed Motorcycle radio podcast.  I would gladly bring it back if it were sponsored.  It takes some time.  It takes some money.  I created a account for it.  If you agree and support it, show me some love.  If not, no problem.

editors note: decided not to start this show up yet but will talk about motorcycles from time to time on the Kenn Blanchard Show podcast. 6-1-2017


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