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Movies have changed since I was a kid.  The monsters have become more lifelike and animation makes them look real.  Things have become more gory too.  I am still not a fan of gore but it has its place.  What are some of your favorite monsters?

Some time before the next full moon on Oct 27, 2015, you can get a CD or direct MP3 download of Derek Wards “Where The Moss Grows” narrated by Kenn Blanchard here.

This unique and new horror thriller is a novella inspired by Kenn Blanchard and expertly crafted by Derek Ward.

Solomon Love is an amazing blues musician that has been playing around town for years. He is a local unsung favorite. According to him, he has played with some of the greats and seemingly can sound almost like any of them with tremendous emphasis and authority. Solomon has been around a long time and has managed to keep a dark secret. That secret is exposed when he witnesses a crime and is suddenly hunted by the murderer. The murderer doesn’t know what he is looking for. The hunted is a predator that became that way, “Where the Moss Grows.”

Right in time for the Halloween season. This is not your typical ghost story but will keep your attention and be right for the ride home, the evening alone or the listening party you throw while the Jack o’Latern is lit.

I hope you love it as much as I do. If you want your complete copy you can get it here.

Where The Moss Grows – Audio Book (Pre-Sale)

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