Riding In My Sleep

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This week on the Motorcycle Radio podcast I am going to share a story when I fell asleep riding my motorcycle. We have a new feature, “Ask Sam”, I am going to give you a progress report of the show and the good times to come.
This is the fifth episode of podcast and really happy how things are going. Thank you for listening downloading and sharing this show. Going to create new videos and share your videos if you want there in the future. Shout out to all new listeners.

Ask Sam is our newest feature that will share tips and maintenance things for us non-mechanical folks that need to know. If you have some tips or want to be on the show, contact me at Want to be on the show. contact me. Going to Let me know. Give a report. This show is just 25 minutes.

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This has been great fun. This once a week show that already has featured some great guests. It is available on Stitcher Radio and iTunes. During the Memorial Day holiday a few listeners helped design the album art that is now the logo.


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  • Mike

    I liked the introduction of the segment with Sam, like you, I can barely turn a wrench. Also enjoyed your story about the cross country ride. As a long distance rider, I don’t get sleepy on the bike, not sure why but I’m not complaining, that would be pretty scary. My longest ride so far is 1528 miles in 22 hours, what the Iron Butt Association calls the Bun Burner Gold. Check out the Iron Butt Association when you get a chance. Thanks for listing my podcast, Long Riders Radio on your website, this month’s episode just released and has some good stuff on riding in the heat as well as a couple of iPhone app reviews related to motorcycling. Keep the good stuff coming, I enjoy listening.

    • kennblanchard

      if you would like to come on the show and in doing so give a plug for longrider and or want to be a contributor, you would be welcomed