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This week I got a chance to talk to experienced motorcycle rider Nate Hudson will be riding across the country to visit the DMV at all 50 state capitols to hand-deliver a proposal on behalf of Allstate with a request that a question highlighting the importance of sharing the road with motorcycle riders be included in each state’s driver education curriculum and test required to obtain a driver’s license. Hudson has over 20 years of riding experience, and is also co-owner of the British-American Motorcycle Club, a service shop and riding club with an emphasis on vintage and custom bikes.

On May 12th, Allstate is launching the first-ever “Ride for Awareness.” They will be sending Nate Hudson to all 50 state capitols in 111 days-a trip that will cover more than 17,000 miles!Nate Hudson

Why is this important? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, three motorcyclists are killed in multi-vehicle crashes at intersections each day.

Hudson will be making the journey on a 2015 Indian Roadmaster customized for Allstate. The bike is equipped for long-distance riding and has a strong engine capable of making the 17,000 mile trek.

Here’s his Instagram handle: BA_MOTO

Found some good stuff on the AllState site. They have a app.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month! As the weather begins to warm up and more motorcyclists get back on their bikes, its important to first take the proper precautions to ensure that their riding experience is both safe and enjoyable. Here are some tips for you to take into account before you hit the road again:
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Get Ready for Riding Season

• Test the lights, brakes, and turn signals.
• Check the oil and fuel levels.
• Make sure the mirrors are positioned correctly.
• Check the cables to make sure they aren’t worn or frayed.
• Lube the chain and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s specs.
• Try a rider-training course to brush up on your skills.

Invest in Good Gear

When you’re on the open road, there’s not much between you and the pavement. Wearing tough gear is always a smart move.
• Pick a high-quality helmet that fits well. If it doesn’t have a face shield, pair it up with goggles or glasses with safety lenses.
• Use safety as your excuse to shell out for that leather jacket. Get the pants while you’re at it. (We know black and bikes are a perfect match, but a bright color will help other drivers see you better.)
• Wear durable non-slip gloves.
• Invest in boots or sneakers that cover your ankles.

When You’re Out on the Road

Let’s be honest: There’s a lot of stuff out there that’s bigger than your bike. But there’s a lot you can do to help keep yourself safe while riding.
• Always wear a helmet that fits right. Pick one that has the DOT label, which shows that it meets federal safety standards.
• Know your bike’s limits.
• Stick to the speed limit.
• Don’t tailgate other vehicles.
• Use your signals.
• Be respectful of other drivers. Don’t weave through traffic or drive on the shoulder.
• Make sure other drivers can see you. Don’t ride in blind spots and always use your headlights.
• Brake smart. Use both brakes at the same time, slow and steady.

Have a smart and safe motorcycle season!


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Rider Awareness Month


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