Praises For God and His Pastor

There was a guy that sat with me back in the day of a young mens Sunday school class named Keith Battle.

He went on to be the Senior Pastor of a modern Christian church called Zion. It has three locations. I visited the one in Landover for the third time today. I praise God for the Message, and being able to see how God can use someone from our neighborhood that could have been a professional baller, or a comedian.

The Message today hit me between the eyes.

The Half Has Not Been Told.

It is a subject used in the Bible, in history and our culture that suggest we glaze over or don’t know as much as we think we know about some things. He took a familiar passage of Scripture, Hebrews 11, and showed that what was written in the New Testament was just like the bio’s and resumes we share with people. It only shows the high points, the good parts of our lives. We never share our disappointments, failures, shortcomings and things we are struggling with.

Zion Church was full. It was mixed with all age groups. The opening music was not my style but it was appreciated by most of the folks in attendance. I attended the 9:30 service which is just one of the three in a Sunday. The monitors, audio engineers, cameramen, live band and singers was a production you don’t see in a traditional Gospel Church. The ushers and people that welcomed you in was amazing. It is a little disconcerting if you are hurting. Why are these people so damn happy?

Pastor Keith Battle blended comedy, relevancy and sound biblical knowledge to todays Message as he spoke to his online audience, often giving a shout out to those watching from the DC Jail, at home and us. Loved it! I wasn’t sure how he was going to tie what is usually the “heroes of Faith” message to his title. It was done masterfully.
Here’s his book too.

It concluded with six points for us to remember. The most important points to me was that despite of all our “stuff” our God knows us and still loves us. Our God, protects us from ourselves and hides the not so good stuff. And that the enemy of God does stuff to us because of our value to God. We get “checked” by the devils in our lives in relationship to our worth in the Kingdom.

Then we saw some videos during the offering that showed where some of the outreach and mission work is being done locally. Zion is feeding people in Prince Georges County. Praise God for this ministry.

Praise you the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. Psalm 150

Thanks Keith.



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