Positives From Will Lewis

I asked Will Lewis for some training tips. I wanted anything for the mind, body or spirit that would help us through the week. In this cynical, unforgiving, satyrical culture I need more positives. You almost need 10 positive affirmations for every 1 negative. This is what he sent us.

  1. Your dreams work as hard as you do

  2. Progress is progress no matter how little or slow

  3. Ask yourself what would you do to defeat yourself? then work on those things

  4. Train from the inside out, mind, soul, body

  5. Rest is important, some athletes dot know when too much is too much, the body needs rest

  6. Nobody will push you as hard as you will push you

  7. It’s okay to need help, pride is not your friend

  8. Technique is better than production, quality over quantity

  9. You’re as good as the next man you train with, build up others around you and be willing to grow yourself

  10. Always remember it is okay to fail, effort comes in the tries, progression in every lesson learned. A step forward is more than a step not taken. Compare yourself to none, you create your own vision and become that which you see

Thanks Will.


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