Phenomenal Woman – Pro Angler Torica Whitty

This week on Blanchard Outdoors, episode 4 Lenessa introduces us to pro angler, mother, grandmother, veteran, and business woman, Torica Whitty.

Torica gave us some insight into the struggles of African Americans in the outdoor sports. She also encouraged us with inner strength.  She also shared that she was a person of faith and a down home person.

Our camera died so I used the pin hole camera from the laptop I was using for the Google Hangout. I had to move the entire laptop around so that you could see us occasionally.  Sorry if it made you dizzy.

Lenessa on horseback

We started this show talking about horses. Lenessa and De shared that they had experiences on horseback. We will be diving into this too. Man this is a great team

I heard from a veteran broadcaster that evening after the show that gave us kudos on our chemistry as host. And of course shared that our telephone interview was RAW, icky, and not where we want it. He liked it so much though that he invited us to be his outdoor folks on his show next week. I hope we can get the time to call in to it.

Despite all the not perfect parts, I think the content was OUTSTANDING. Forgive our dust. We are on the move and it is kicking up dust. Torica Whitty


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