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Love, Domestic Violence and the Mixed Martial Arts

I’m a fan of love. I still gush when I see love between a man and a woman. It’s a beautiful thing. I never thought I’d see it in a gym but it happens. The owners of Level Up Gym are newlyweds. My friend at DCBMMA has been with his wife for twelve years and […]


How Great Could You Be?

Most of our disappointments are internal.  What holds you and I back is often the negatives, fears, and baggage we carry.  Nobody is keeping you down but you.  Whatever someone said has already disappeared into the atmosphere like a vapor.  It’s your mind that holds it and replays it over and over again.  How far […]

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Erin Jimenez on Training to Fight

I asked a simple question. Why do you fight? Why do you train to do so? The person I asked is called affectionately Dr. Doom. This woman is phenomenal.   For me the meaning of training and fighting has changed and grown deeper to me over the years. In the beginning of my training, I […]

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How to Lose 15 lbs.

I used to be fit. I am now over fifty years old and started a podcast where I talk to people everyday that have no body fat to speak of. I am learning a new language. This healthy stuff is catching on. I found and dusted off the scale. I didn’t need it to tell […]