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5 – Genesis

Just in case you have bought a Bible, or have one and want some insight to what you are reading, here is a summary of the first book of the Bible for you.

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Why and Who is Jesus.  This is a short intro to get us thinking and ask questions about Christ.  thanks for listening.

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third show, sitting on the porch enjoying the weather, the bugs and talking about the plans and intentions of this podcast.  Please keep us in prayer as we seek to do God’s will.  

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Hi, welcome to the Un-Named Church on Google Plus. This is a nondenominational Christian ministry created to serve both God and you. We are going to have two podcast a week, one long and one short. The shorter one is our weekly prayer meeting and encourager probably done using Google hangout. If you would like to be a part of this growing group, subscribe, click, link, or whatever works this thing. This is a mobile church that I hope you decide to join. Please tell me about yourself so I can serve you better. My email is blackmanwithagun@gmail.com I was going to change it, but why? I am what I am. This ministry was created not to be pretentious. Jesus wouldn’t care so why should I? If you don’t know about me and wonder about the name, take a peek at the http://UnNamedChurch.org/about The site is still in the rough building stage. I am working as fast as I can, as complete as I can through all my other projects as God is giving me the stuff. There will be an app available eventually, with study guides, music and extras. http://forms.aweber.com/form/72/706592472.htm

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