New Season of WarriorCast

I am really excited about this reboot of my sons podcast, WarriorCast. On this episode I explain what the new show is about, we changed the album art and the intro and outro music.  I started the numbering over again instead of continuing with number 48.  The original show was created to help Ken Jr.  gain confidence in speaking and as an experiment to get better podcasting.

I love podcasting.  In doing so you get the opportunity to invoke emotions, and share stuff with complete strangers.  You get to be a voice in a community or start one.

Thanks to inspiration and wisdom gained from my favorite podcast, “The School of Podcasting’ with Dave Jackson. The show goes on.


The backstory of Warriorcast.

I had a plan when I created WarriorCast for my son.  The good looking, college graduated mixed martial arts loving offspring of mine has it all except for confidence in his speaking abilities.  I talked him into being the host of a podcast that covered the topics he liked.  He humored his “old man” and for twelve month it happened.  After the first couple of episodes it was kinda rough.  I had to beg him to continue.  I joined him on the first episodes.  He gave me three months.  After the three months he talked his three closest friends into joining him once a week to talk about MMA, the AMC series the Walking Dead and video gaming.  To me it was a Tri-Fecta.   Once a week, I produced the show and watched him grow more confident and exasperated almost at the same time by his friends. The friendship lasted but the podcast as it was did not.  It had about 100 listeners a month and was inconsistant in scheduling.  Content wise it was four 20 somethings giving their opinions on upcoming UFC fights, games played, and pop culture.  100 people is pretty good seeing how none of those listening were his momma.

Now after paying the hosting fees, and renewing the domain name, I decided to keep WarriorCast in spite of our mutual agreement to give it a viking funeral.

WarriorCast is not going to podfade yet because my son has inspired me to learn more about something I used to be heavily into, the warrior mindset.

I am going to take over WarriorCast and give it another year.  I plan to explore the world of martial arts, mens health, and the sport of fighting as a Curious George.  There are some cool people in this space and I like that.




Ken Jr. gives us his commentary of UFC 193 on the air.

UFC 193

Rousey vs. Holm was a mixed martial arts event held on November 15, 2015 at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.[1] This event is notable for the main event, in which Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm, marking the first time Rousey was defeated in her career. The event also set a new record attendance for UFC events.






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