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A few years ago this time, I created a skit on the Urban Shooter Podcast (now the Black Man With A Gun Show)  that proposed what I would do if zombies attacked while I was cooking my hamburgers in the backyard. It was fun to do ad it sparked the creative juices of one of my listeners, Derek Ward who was a excellent fiction writer. He took my concept and applied it. We started working together and created a cliffhanger that I narrated for twenty plus weeks. Some people loved it. And some people hated it. It gave me a great opportunity to learn the art of storytelling, narration and working with a very talented guy. Plus, I made a new friend. When the story ended, it was strange but still fun. I put it together and tested out Lulu Press and CreateSpace to put it to print. It is still available on Zombie Strike
Zombie Strike ebook cover

I create a podcast just for it but couldn’t afford to keep it up so I took it down. Derek still has it on his blog though- along with some of his other writings.  This was before AMC’s Walking Dead by the way.  I actually thought someone had ripped me off but it is totally different.  And then we had that wave of EVERYTHING zombie…

Well, flash forward to today. I have a story in my head about a old blues guy that witnesses a murder in the city of Memphis. The killer wants to get rid of all witnesses and finds out that the old blues musician is not what he seems. The hunter becomes the hunted. I ask my buddy Derek to help me make this story live. He did me one better, he made it rock. It is still being worked on but I plan to make it an audiobook right in time for Halloween. If you like supernatural thrillers, I hope you like this one. Derek has gotten better and I hope I have to.

Coming soon to this site, “Where The Moss Grows.”











I know some folks are saying; Kenn, what does this have to do with your other projects?  I love creating things.  This just scratches an itch.  I really like the way its going and hope we can do a series.

If you want to be the first to get a copy let me know.









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