MMA Back In The Day

The Origins Of MMA


The history of MMA would be traced back to Ancient Greek times with the practice of the Pankration combat sport. It is the base of what the modern MMA is today: involves a versatile style of confrontation, large audiences and a combination of many different kind of striking skills. The Pankration would later be the core for sports like the Greco-Roman wrestling, for example, that also influences the MMA when it comes to fights on the ground and the submission of the opponent. The Greco-Roman wrestling is largely based on popular combat and it would influence another strong feature of the MMA combat, the confrontation of different kinds of martial arts fighters that would spread around Europe in the late ‘1800s.

These confrontations were held like street fights, with few coordination and rules and more thrill for the entertainment. At the end of the WWI, this kind of “street fun” got quite popular in USA, the professional wrestling started to establish itself as a business in sports and the trend was spreading around the world.

The Heart of the MMA

For the core of the modern MMA, two different martial arts scenes were essential for the sport to take root. In japan, the wrestling would be settled as the Merikan fight and would develop specific rules. This tradition was then brought to Brazil by the family Gracie, where the sport would in fact develop with the so-called Gracie challenges.

The japanese descendant family has settle itself in the north of Brazil and they would do there what was already a trend in Japan. However, the exposition to different kinds of artial marts as the Brazilian Capoeira and Brazilian Judo made it more complex and opened to new interventions.

The Gracie family would set their fights especially around the judo and jiu jitsu styles as they adapted these fights to their physical limitations: short stature, endomorphic bodies and more. To promote this new kind of “free style jiu jitsu”, they started the Gracie challenges, from where the Vale Tudo competitions would start to get popular.

The Vale Tudo practice got really popular in Brazil and started to spread around the world. Rorion Gracie took it to USA in the early ’00s where it would then start to be taken seriously as a business of entertainment and sports.


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