Thanks for visiting this page.  I greet you in the name of Jesus the Christ.

You probably weren’t expecting to see this with all that is going on everywhere else on the site, but I am a servant of the Most High God.  I plan to share a portion of this site to minister and be ministered to.  Starting this month we are creating a prayer line.  At least once a week connect with me by conference line and YouTube Live for prayer.  Here’s the number:  202-780-1279


I am an ordained Baptist pastor called by God to minister to others where they are.  I am called upon for the outdoors person, the adventurer, biker, law enforcement,  and the military believer.  I often minister to men and seek to help fathers and the newly married find their way.  I have officiated at over 15 weddings, most have been the destination type.

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What I believe. (Statement of Faith)

I  was baptized in 1971 at First Baptist Church of Highland Park (Landover, MD). I was licensed to preach the Gospel at Mount Sinai Baptist Church, Washington, DC in 2001. I was the second pastor of Historic Berean Baptist Church in Washington, DC, where I was ordained in 2007. I served as pastor there served from 2006-2013.

I just so happen to have a bunch of other skills.  Let me know if you need me for:

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#House Blessings
#Speaking at Men’s Events


Malcolm and Helen

I provide pastoral counseling for traditional marriages (man to woman), officiate at weddings, home-going and funeral services, baby dedications, house blessings, baptisms, and Holy Communion. I provide inspirational message for men’s groups and preach occasionally.


Here’s how this online thing started.

In 2002, I started “In The Wilderness Ministries” – Serving the Lord without Boundaries. After becoming a licensed Christian minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ but not fitting in with the politics of a large metropolitan Baptist church. I served at the church as the sexton/janitor, and then after becoming a minister, and the pastors aide. My opportunities to preach the Gospel were at Men’s groups, at pistol ranges and biker rallies that I attended. It led me to believe that I would always be an outsider. I learned that God met many In The Wilderness.  I was comfortable there.

The ministry has gone through its ups and downs since then. In it’s hey day, we would do meet-ups at parks, the shooting range or where two or three of us could gather to talk about things that mattered, parenthood, divorce, marriage, sex, love, health and the miscellaneous. We were bikers, police officers, blue and white collar guys. There were women too and that was a good thing. As a fundraiser the group even got connected with Carnival Cruises and took a five day cruise to the Caribbean. I got the chance to marry a couple aboard ship.

In The Wilderness Ministries almost became a home church but I was afraid that I didn’t have the qualifications to lead a church. I soon found a church that needed a minister and had hoped that the thirty or so members of our ministry would join me at this new place but that didn’t happen. The new place had all the issues that keep churches from growing. I stayed and my friends left.

In 2013, and after being the pastor of a church in Washington, DC for five years, I resigned and have started this ministry as the Blanchard Chapel in North Beach, MD. This is where I share my understanding of God, the Scriptures, peace, and life.  I shut down the site for Blanchard Chapel after a couple of years.

Something was missing for me and I ended it.

Well, we’re back.

I have not really returned but rather came out of the wilderness that hid me from doing this publically until now again.  Like going into a deep wooded canopy where airplanes can’t see.

This is a new try at ministry, seeking to fulfill the commandments and commission of Jesus Christ without boundaries, restrictions or limitations.

It is my desire to please God and to use every means available to connect with you no matter where you are, who you are, or where you have come from to help you find peace, share hope, learn about God, live more abundantly and have no doubts about where you will spend eternity This is non-denominational but it will have structure, I need it if nobody else does.
Please pray for the success of this endeavor, pray for all that come, all that listen, all that join me in this journey.


Rev. Kenn Blanchard






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