Man Up 2016

Men these days go through a lot.  We hide a lot of our pain.  We are frustrated. There are a lot of good men suffering in silence.  Others camouflage it. And some not so much. A new friend of mine shared some insight today on his life that struck a chord with me.

man up 2016
Join me on the upcoming episodes of the Kenn Blanchard Show podcast where I plan to use my gifts to minister to men. My focus in 2016 is to strengthen the brethren. I don’t care if it is just one or a hundred. Some of the events I want to do with be local. If you can and would like to join me in the DMV area send me a email or call and leave a message -301-828-1414 with contact information.

Today was a good day. I got a lot done. I got the chance to sit back and think while watching the elements of nature in my yard. I had pancakes. I also was inspired by a friend to reach out to other men and be an encourager. I haven’t figured out life yet but I have a pretty good idea how God intended us to live.

I’ve made a bunch of mistakes in my life and gained some wisdom from it. I bet you have some to share too. Join me on the Kenn Blanchard Show podcast and upcoming virtual and live events to encourage men to live healthier, and happier.

I asked men what they really want and they told me that they want more sex, more money and more time. I am going to talk about those three things in great detail, along with marriage, dating, fatherhood, and more.


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