Making Music and Making Love

There are no guarantees that the music you make is appreciated. There is no guarantee that the person you love will love you like you love them.  Even though we subconsciously know this, we try again anyway.  Musicians similarly create, compose, sing, arrange and master music in hopes that others listen, like and share their work.

Sex is easy. Pleasing your partner is not. We come with different filters, moods and baggage that can amplify or shut down our activity.  Genres of music are no different.  Why even try?

For me, I am a creative. If I don’t make something, every now and then I feel as if I will explode.  The passion to create is shared by two guys I know that have just released work they hope will find a home.

One is a talented but struggling Hip Hop artist. If you ask any frustrated parent, the last thing you want to hear your son say is that he aspires to be a “rapper.”  The struggle for a Hip Hop artist today is the same for anyone selling anything online today.  You have to find, and grow your fan base.  Using the street name, “DurdyBanga,” my friend’s newest project is like classic Hip Hop of the ‘90’s.  My favorite track is biographical where he says that he is an introvert.  I like the lyrical play and the outside elements that are mixed together for a message.

Like good sex, sometimes you just hit it right but most of the time it takes work. Good music has a message.  If you can pull it out from what you hear it is good.  It’s good like, “good money,” and a “good government job.”

The challenge goes beyond creating the pieces, producing the songs, mastering it for distribution, finding someone to do the artwork or photography and putting it all together to be appealing. Sometimes you have to motivate yourself.  Fear of failure is huge here.  More often than not, there is no team of people cheering you to succeed.  Usually there are more naysayers than you need.  Finances are limited.  Time is limited.  There are a lot of entities trying to take advantage of your enthusiasm, entrepreneurism and effort.   Usually it’s not the ones you want to hear from.

A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ. – John Steinbeck

How to grow a community.

If you want to grow a community also known as a fan base. The first step is to find your audience.  You’ll find them from your present network of friends and family.  You’ll also have to look outside of the box.  I discovered that my Filipino friends still appreciate good Hip Hop.  The next step is to create methods for people to contact you.  You have to have a website, landing page, welcome page and contact information.  You can’t do it from someone else’s real estate.  Your creations will get lost on Facebook, Soundcloud, iTunes, MySpace, etc.  You need your own internet property (domain name/website) that is searchable by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.  You have to be engaged in the process.  You will need to have someone answer and field calls, emails if you cannot.  Someone needs to let others know how great your stuff is and why they should sample it beyond your mama (who loves all your stuff).  This post is going to help a little but you need more like it.  There are a few more items but those are the strongest elements.

If Hip Hop isn’t your thing; how about rhythm and blues? I have another new friend who has done a lot in his life, is returning to his roots of making music.  He just released a soulful single on iTunes called “Gone.”  The most memorable and longest lasting songs in your head often speak to what we lost in love.  This one hits it right on the head.  I am looking for good things to come from the rest of his compilation.  I liked it and I hope you do too.


Love is the bread of life, but you have to make it every day if you want it fresh.


You can order DurdyBanga’s music here.


You can get Gone from D.Ward on iTunes here.


If you want your project reviewed, written about or shared, send it to me. Happy to help spread the love.  Stay tuned as I will be interviewing these guys on the Kenn Blanchard Show podcast soon.




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