Like an Israeli Operative

A lot of warriors and law enforcement personnel have started to take note and follow the lead of Israeli methods of dealing with terrorist.  You can take courses from the pros here from my friends at Israeli Tactical.

Here’s one for beginners and gives you a sample of the learning experience.

Israeli Tactical School is based in Maryland but is a global self-defense training company with global operation in 17 countries.

There is a program designed for beginners with no or limited experience with shooting or martial arts. I have taken it and can vouch for it. It’s called TAC 1 & 2.

Course time table TAC 1,2
Dry part
– Gathering and short safety briefing – 5 min.
– Pistol mechanism – 10 min.
– Operational safety in training as in combat – 5 min.
– Trigger work and sights using – 5 min.
– Point shooting – 10 min.
– Standing/Kneeling shooting positions – 30 min.
– Magazine change – 60 min.
– Gun malfuncion – 30 min.

Wet Part – 1-2 hours
– Robin Hood – bullet inside bullet
– Point shooting – without using sights
– Point shooting and rapid fire
– Magazine change and multipile attackers
– Sniper shoot and friend in under threat

– Every 45 min. we have a break
– We provide extra help in classes to help students with special needs
– Our instructors team provide private lessons with special flat fix rate

Locations of beginners courses
– We provide the beginners TAC 1-2 courses in all of our locations

TAC Program details and gear required for the course

Contact info:
Office: +1 (202) 674-725 Israeli Tactical School LLC

Want a more intense course? Check this out.

Intensive 4 days TAC 6&7 – Israeli SWAT & Navy Seals Hostage Rescue course – room clearing CQB, hostages rescue, rappelling, helicopter jump & sea-to-land patrol 

This unique course is designed especially for beginners who wish to experience an authentic elite special forces cutting-edge training.

This course contains a special and rare combination of combat skills – room entry CQB with focus on the hostage rescue mission profile, use of rappelling and different ways of extraction (including helicopter jump to sea, Zodiac pick up, sea-to-land patrol and sky dive), all with former Israeli Counter Terror Hostage Rescue experts.
Unlike the other courses in the TAC program, in this course we are using simunition and UTM firearms only. They work on team buildup up from individual, couple, squad and team. The last day of the course combines the hostage rescue room entry, rappelling, helicopter jump ( If available in the location) and extraction using a Zodiac boat to the beach, short swim, and raid on the facility where hostages were held.
They will provide all the required firearms gear, ammo, and full room and board. 

Syllabus of the course
Day 0 – Gathering in the hotel and airport/train station pick up
Day 1 – Half day room entry CQB individual
Day 2 – Couple CQB
Day 3 – Squad & team – raid mission plan
Day 4 – Early morning helicopter jump – Zodiac pick up – sea-to-land extraction – raid and rescue hostage in the building and retreat to the sea.

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