Key To A Winning Brand

Everything is branding. One of the keys to a brand that succeeds is specialization. Today when the sun was shining I visited a local area that is ramping up its efforts to shine this season.

The Chesapeake Beach area has always been a spot where you can find a salty boat captain for hire to take you out fishing for a few hours or a day since 1946. Now its the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa, and it looks like it. The salon and spa is the whole enchilada with massages, body treatments, facials, manicures/pedicures, and hair care.

The restaurant Rod N’ Reel has consolidated so Smokey Joes Grill is no more. The dock is being redone and there is a Boardwalk Cafe in between the restaurant and the 72 room hotel. The hotel is pretty snazzy with an indoor pool, gym and a spa. Bingo and gaming is allowed there so there is a non-smoking place for you to play. The dock has a area, made for outdoor weddings and a half shell looking thing for live bands to rock out while you sit under the stars. The hotel has meeting spaces for conferences and business as well.

Chesapeake Beach 2

I got a chance to talk to the Marina Manager, Heather, and she gave me some inside scoop of the family run business that she has been a part of for awhile. I was impressed by the personal attention and friendliness of almost everyone I met. The boat captains that were in the midst of cleaning their boats and shooting the breeze didn’t pay me any attention but that is another blog post.

If you want to make a dent in your business and grow it, you have to create a brand. You have to be that persona. You have to contribute to it. It’s a promise you are delivering to your customers. Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa is making a destination right outside of the Nations Capital in a sleepy little part of Maryland and doing it right. Chesapeake Beach is a town in Calvert County, Maryland. Its all under 3 miles of space with a population of about 5,000 people. Its major attractions used to be just the marinas, piers, charter boat fishing but now they have an upscale and very attractive place to go for the day or stay as long as you want.

4165 Mears Avenue, Cheaspeake Beach, MD

RodNReel Sign

What’s the difference between your business and this one? Not a thing. We all have an image. Look at that sign. It looks like it could be flashing. It looks alive and inviting. The design and colors pop.

The business cards were also coordinating with the same focus.

We all have a brand. We all need to up our game.

That is if we want to stay in business.




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