Keeping it 100

The mission of Blanchard Media Group is to help one hundred entrepreneurs succeed online through new media. If I can keep it 100%, a slang term for being 100% truthful –I want to make 100 businesses my business.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
— Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

Every week I meet a dreamer with all the right stuff to be a successful business person. They have a goal, passion and a product that I think is worth sharing. I want to help them succeed. I have learned that there are more naysayers than cheerleaders out here. I have learned that all that stands in their way sometimes is the unknown. I plan to share what I know to get them further than they could on their own. Everybody is selling something but nobody is telling you what not to buy.

I look at them and see the mistakes I have made and know I can help them. The problem sometimes is letting them know that. The problem is always harder than the solution.

I use a common sense approach. I say, fix what you can and don’t blame your situation on anyone else. Things are never perfect. Fix what you can, instead of blaming others. Sure the economy sucks, you need more money, suppliers are mess up, and getting new customers is pain. But this going to be the same for your competitors as it is for you. What makes winners different is what we do about the problems we can solve, and how we inspire our team to take a can-do attitude and do good work.

The purpose of a business should be to do what you love, love what you do, and to make your customers happier and better off. You know; make the world a better place. Money is how we measure the success of a business.

Before the money comes we (entrepreneurs) must understand a couple of things. One is how to get started. Each one of us has some things that need to be in place before we can get our products and or services to our customers. It is usually not what we think either. Many of us suffer from a paralysis of analysis and don’t move when we could. As a consultant, that is what I do best. Making money is always a concern. I have learned that you can start a small project, to help fund your larger dream. Think of the guys that started selling T-shirts but now are known for being fashion moguls. Or the rappers that sold mix tapes out of the back of their cars and now produce everything from clothes to liquor.

I would like to see the banners of one hundred friends on the Blanchard.Media website in a few years. That would be awesome and maybe unreal number of people but you gotta dream big.

“Our lives are not measured in years, but are measured in the lives of people we touch around us.” ― Peeta Mellark

I’ve started with Barbara Baird and Carrie Lightfoot of the Women’s Gun Show podcast. They are the first to allow me to produce their weekly podcast but it won’t stop there. I hope to continue to build Selective Security Services website after they get started. I want to help music creator J. Simmons create a site that showcases and shares his musical gifts for making themes, stingers, intros and tracks for film. I found out that a co-worker is a hip hop artist that needs to get his own “real estate” website so that the world can find him. People think being on youtube, Soundcloud or Facebook is enough but it is not. You will get lost in the noise. I discovered I like Durdy Banga and actually made a post about it. He also has fans in the Philippines he found out after my help on social media hacks.

Here’s a guy I want to see do great things.
durdybanga album
This is a YouTube clip of a producer making the beats to one of DurdyBanga’s cuts. Everything he does needs to be on his site not scattered all over the place.

I have made a ton of mistakes over the years and have learned even more from it. I want to help produce your podcast. I want to help get you, your own property on the internet that people can find. If I help you, I believe in you. And think the world should share in my great discovery. What are you waiting for. Let’s get busy.


Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a professional speaker, writer, podcaster, and digital influencer. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook He is the force behind, founder of Blanchard.Media and the