Josh Jackson and CageZilla

It has been a few months since I contemplated a localized podcast about mixed martial art fighters and fans in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area.  You are looking at the progress.  The show that can be found on iTunes.  We have a small number of email subscribers, and over 100 likes on our Facebook page.

I didn’t know what I was going to get although I was optimistic. This is exciting to me because I am learning something new. I guess the old axiom was right,…

good fortune favors the prepared mind.

So far, I have spoken to a homeless amateur fighter with goals of fighting professionally. I am still working on the site feverishly like I was getting paid for it.  I am excited to talk to these guys and there is no shortage it seems.   Some are pros but most are aspiring to just live true to themselves.

I have learned a lot.

I have talked to a professional fighter that coaches when he is not working full time as a police officer. I have interviewed a Christian professional fighter that shared how he balances his lifestyle. I have learned from an entrepreneurial coach and fighter that will soon open his own fight gym about the nuances of the sport, the game and the people. I didn’t know what the “Sweet Science” was. I have heard that it is not only for the young. I have learned that it is more like a game of strategy not brute force. didn’t know the difference between a professional and an amateur.

I didn’t know the commitment that was required to train and then prepare for a fight. I didn’t know that winning is only a part of the story. I didn’t know that some of what we see is part of The Game. I didn’t under that business aspect of fighting, that included marketing and promotion. I am learning what drives these people to continue on past the pain. I am learning that you must protect your hands, your shins and your knees if you want longevity in this sport.

I didn’t know that humility, passion, confidence, honesty, knowledge, endurance, strength, ability, and respect were common traits among fighters.

This is a community. This is a family. I am slowly being drawn into it.  The people I have talked to so far have been inspiring, and awesome.


On this episode I have a conversation Interview with this seasons 3rd fighter, Josh Jackson. Cagezilla 45 is happening March 25, 2017 in Ashbury, VA. Josh is fighting.  I am glad he is a good guy.  He is smart. He is blessed.

Go to to purchase tickets and for more details.  This event is ALL AGES!!!  Doors open at 6 PM.  Fights begin at 7 PM. The DC metro area’s largest and longest running MMA promotion CageZilla Fighting Championship presents CageZilla 45.  CageZilla features the area’s top Mixed Martial Artists combined with unparalleled light, sound and video production.


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