Blanchard.Media  is a collaborative new media company configured to help you get quality graphics, web design, podcast album art, logos, branding help from someone just like you.

We help you write, produce content and advertise so that you can focus on running your business and not being online all the time. We help you keep your brands in the minds of customers.

We are a small team of creators, designers and artist looking for work. We will work with any size company (1-500 people) and help you get closer to where you want to go.

On this site you will find tips, tricks, hacks, suggestions and help to make your podcast better.  You will also find recommendations and links to people that are ready to help you go higher, and further in your journey.

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard has been a blogger since 1999 and involved in podcasting since 2007.  He is an ordained Baptist pastor, author of several books, activist and media producer with a background in counter-terrorism and law enforcement training.  The former US Marine has served with the State Department, and the CIA.  He is internationally known as the Black Man With A Gun.  (firearms trainer, activist, author, professional speaker) He is a member of the board of directors for the Law Enforcement Alliance of America.  He has lobbied and testified before legislatures nationally for the right to carry.  He has been featured in five documentaries and has been the voice in several commercials.   He is a trusted source in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor trade community.

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