For A Limited Time Only

The past seven days have been challenging for me.  I haven’t seen the changes I wanted, when I wanted them.  You know the feeling.  It’s the feeling that you are stuck.  I hate that feeling.  Don’t you? Well, I am working on some encouragement for you and for a “Limited Time Only” you can get the tee shirt or hoodie I designed to remind you of a new mantra.

Know Your Dog, Know Your Fleas

This is understanding the system of making it — in spite of your circumstances.  This is how to succeed in a dog eat dog world.  This is overcoming without losing it.  Straight talk.  Tee Shirts/ Hoodies

How did I get it?

I prayed to G*d for help, for a sign, for a Message, for something.  Right on time, I got a text/call from my brother-mentor, Kashaka, who was right on time.  He called to check on me and I needed it.  He gave me just what I had asked for. So I am in the process of writing it all down so I can share it with you.

But in the mean time, and in between time, you can get a shirt or hoodie.

Know Your Dog shirt

 “Experience is the teacher of all things.” – Julius Caesar

You only have seven days (till November 10th) to place your order to get this.  Make it happen, captain.

*all who get a shirt/hoodie will get the ebook for FREE.  Kashaka is one of the happiest men I know.  I am going to share what he told me so you can be that way too.


I don’t care if you don’t jump on this offer or not.  I am going to work it.  I ordered my hoodie today to wear till it wears out and remind me of what I will be documenting.

One of the principles is –   You can’t save everyone.






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