I love fishing. I’d fish in a puddle if I thought there were fish in it. I have fished in every part of the world I have visited (that had fish). I even fished on my honeymoon.

I haven’t got into hunting yet in a big way because I live in suburbia. But I get it. I understand it. I love the stories. I love hearing the triumphs of hunters. I also don’t live with carnivores. If I brought a healthy hunk of venison home, my family would just look at me.
It will change though. The kids are grown and soon I will have my own stories about hunting. Harvest and process my food.

I grew up allergic to everything. To go outside was often uncomfortable. At some times of the year, it was hard to breathe. I didn’t get a lot of support about it. I grew up around people that hunted. I greedily ate all the small game that was brought to my aunts or grandmother to prepare. I outgrew most of the allergies. I love being outside now.

I plan to share that love of the outdoors, how to’s, tips, tricks, observations, or just praise reports about the wonders of God here.

I love motorcycles too. I’ll throw the occasional thought about that here too. I had a really successful and growing blog called and a podcast. In addition to this I had an internet radio show by the same name (Blanchard Outdoors) in 2015 but couldn’t sustain any of them like I wanted. Needing a full time job got in the way. But I’m back (solo). ( I had co-hosts before)
If you are into any or all three, fishing, hunting, motorcycle riding, join me here by subscribing to this blog

Rev. Kenn Blanchard

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